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P005 Wettbewerb Orelskiy Lodging 


Orelskiy Lodging
2nd Price, 2004
Settlement on the river Orel', Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Design: Olga Aleksakova, Andreas Huhn, Alexander Sverdlov

Client: Centre of Contemporary Architecture / OJSC Ukrturstroyservice

Today private house in a country side represents the most wide spread typology of what is being built: the cities grow in their suburbs. Strikingly, the wave of suburbanization produced very similar results all over the world. It seems that the aspiration of men to nature was betrayed by the mere consumption of it…
The ambition of the project is to create a settlement, whose qualities emerge from its location. Taking full advantage of the site and reinforcing its specificity by architecture we intend to upgrade the qualities of both. Hidden beneath the pine trees or standing in a carefully maintained park or overlooking the calm water, the houses of Orelski Lodging will reveal a new beauty of living in nature.
The project intends to challenge the brutal way of urbanizing the open space by introducing a dialog with nature, which is precise and deliberate in its terms. In our case building up the open landscape is not an offence of nature but a graceful complement to it.

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