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P024 Architekturbiennale 2008, Moskau


Moscow Architectural Biennale 2008
Buromoscow, Partner in charge:  Olga Aleksakova, Andreas Huhn,
Julia Burdova


Until 2025 70 million m2 of social housing will be build in Moscow.

This number equals 2500 prefabricated buildings with 3 sections and 300 appartments each.

Moscow will be overwhelmed with even more slabs build in an outdated and never changed technology.

What would happen if we would develop this technology to such an extend that the outcome would drastically change the city scape?

New infills, additions and transformations will not only change the urban fabric but also allow more individualized appartment typologies and sizes.

Radical reload of morbid environment not only fullfilling demands, a playfull substitution to the present habitus.

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